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Option to run not available for W7 and RTX 2060?

I am running Windows 7, SP 1,with the requisite Nvidia graphics card, RTX 2060 w/ 6 GB RAM. 

I saw Crypto as an option to run a few days ago, but when it ran, it would stop immediately and it would also kill the Norton 360 process as well. No crash log, it would just stop running. I could restart 360, no problem, but I could never get Crypto to run. I could see the Norton 360 running via the task manager, and as soon as Crypto started to run, the task would just disappear. I never did see another task (for Crypto) ever running within task manager.

I reported this behavior a few days ago and now Norton 360 no longer shows Crypto as an option to run.

I'm just wondering what happened and what's going on the background.

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Re: Option to run not available for W7 and RTX 2060?

Hello bigfree1. Your GPU IS supported per the FAQ article here. Being that I don't run Windows 7 on any of my machines any longer, its hard for me to say what the issues may be. I also don't run Crypto as its not offered with the version of Norton I run on my everyday machines. It IS offered on the subscription on my new gaming rig which has it, I have opted to NOT use it on that machine for the sake of wear and tear on hardware. 

Couple of things come to mind regarding your issue. First, manually run live updates on your Norton installation to see if there are any updates waiting. Reboot if any are offered. That should get your product up to date. That being said, Norton 360 maintenance mode MAY be the issue here, although you state you are running service pack 1 or higher. Please read the following article:"Maintenance%20Mode"%20mean,will%20no%20longer%20be%20provided.


  • Your Norton security software will no longer receive the new product updates that the customers on supported versions of Windows (Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 SP1) will receive.

I believe maintenance mode may be the issue since Crypto may have appeared then disappeared due to maintenance mode. What is the product version of Norton that you have installed? You can also find the newest drivers, OEM from the manufacturer and install them then restart to see if that is the issue. Please let us know what your results are so we can assist further.


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