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Use Network Printer?

New to Norton Secure VPN. I cannot print to network printer when VPN is activated. Saw something about "split tunneling" as a possible way to do so. But I have no meaningful options presented. When I open Norton Secure VPN I only get the small window to turn it on and off. (See attachment.) The setting and account icons have no options for split tunneling or anything else, for that matter. Am I missing something? I used to get another window, too, that I had to hide constantly, but it showed only blank white. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it now no longer comes up at all. (At first installation, it was in the upper left of screen as others have posted, and it could not be moved. Somehow I got it to go to the center of screen but it could only be hidden, not moved.) Any help for finding the split tunneling or any other way that will let me print to a network printer without disabling the VPN while doing it? Or is this just the cost of having the Norton VPN? Thanks for any help

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