can't reactivate utilities premium after free trial of utilities ultimate

I see that a lot of subscribers have the same problem I had when I opted for the free trial of utilities ultimate.  When I opted not to renew it I could not reactivate the utilities premium that I had been using for a couple of years.  I had two chat sessions which generated two different order numbers.  Technicians took over my computer and tried to reinstall utilities premium with no luck.  I was promised call-backs both times and that never happened.  The third time I called Norton and went through the same process, again with no luck, and a promise that someone would call me.  I had given up at that point.  Three days later a technician actually did call me.  Amazing.  Even more amazing, he told me to log into my account and click on the product key for the utilities premium which had never stopped showing up as active on my account.  As soon as I did that the program reactivated and has worked fine since then.  Don't let tell them tell you it can't be fixed.  The fourth tech had it fixed even before I talked to him and I didn't have to go through the BS. 



Re: can't reactivate utilities premium after free trial of utilities ultimate

It may help to try remove it agian norton utilities ultimate whit control panel ore software ther can do it ther are proberly som fils stil in the system


Re: can't reactivate utilities premium after free trial of utilities ultimate

I had the same problem:  I had Norton Utilities Premium installed, and chose to run a free trial of Norton Utilities Ultimate; when that trial expired, Norton Utilities Ultimate wanted me to re-activate it.  If I uninstalled Norton Utilities Ultimate and then downloaded Norton Utilities Premium from my subscription page, that download re-installed Norton Utilities Ultimate, not Premium.

Fortunately, I had long ago saved the install file that I had downloaded when I installed Norton Utilities Premium in August 2020.  Executing that file installs NUP into Program Files/Norton Utilities Premium (not Program Files/Norton Utilities) and from then on it runs fine.

There's one major annoyance, though.  I'm now repeatedly getting pop-ups in the lower right corner of my desktop, with the heading "Norton Utilities Premium", that say "New Norton Utilities Premium updates are available" and offer me the choice of "Install" or "Close".   If I click "Install", the responses I get on-screen say:

"Launching Updater
Welcome to the upgrade wizard for Norton Utilities.
Installing Norton Utilities.
The wizard is upgrading your product."

When I give a final okay, it launches Norton Utilities Ultimate, which says:

"686 issues found.  Re-activate to repair."

I've been using Norton for years,  I'm running Norton 360 now, and have always been happy with the Norton products.  But now for the first time (perhaps due to the LifeLock merger) I'm getting what I'd call DECEPTIVE messages from Norton.  As seen above, they first offer to update my existing Premium product (which has no additional subscription fee), but then actually do an upgrade to the Ultimate product, which has an annual subscription fee in addition to what I pay annually for Norton 360, and then make it really difficult to return to my old product.  This is very unlike the friendly and helpful attitude that Symantec's Norton products had presented on-screen in the past.  Sadly, I don't expect the situation to improve.  The "software as a service" business model that requires annual or monthly subscriptions is becoming more and more common.  Sigh.

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