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--WARNING-- ENERGY BILL: b4 (£510) --vs-- after (£1973)

  • 6 of us
  • 5 desktops + 1 laptop
  • 2 adults
  • 3 teenage gamers

    Sounded like a brilliant idea until receiving the quarterly electricity bill.

    Assumed there had been some mistake, but when we checked our usage with our smart meter's energy monitor (which we can do in real-time), the difference between having the computer idling with Norton Crypto on or off is striking.

Five Computers (combined):

  • Idling: 312 watts
  • Web Surfing: 311 watts
  • Watching Youtube: 356 watts
  • Gaming: 1051 - 1200 watts
  • Norton Crypto - 1569 watts (18hrs-24hrs)

And don't let the comparison with gaming fool you:

If we add all our gaming up (for all of us), it is less than 1 or 2hrs per day.  In contrast, Norton Crypto is employing the "idle" time, which is 18-24hrs per day.  (Suddenly we started switching stuff off at night).


Including recent energy price hikes, the real bill with Norton Crypto is £2700 + per quarter.

Official Feature Request:
Ability to enter your energy tariff (in $ per kWh), so mining only commences if it is profitable to do so.  (Taking into account ALL fees and a buffer for market conditions).

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Re: --WARNING-- ENERGY BILL: b4 (£510) --vs-- after (£1973)

U.K. (pound £) to U.S. ($ dollar):

£2700 = $3549

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