For those of you having problems with Norton-especially VPN

For all of you who have Norton, and I have been a customer for many years, here is what I strongly suggest. Leave Norton. I had a large issue with their VPN. I did everything I was supposed to, wasted hours and hours trying to get help through to customer service and through to tech support who when I did get through had no clue how to fix the problem, wasted hours and hours trying to work with supervisors, wasted an entire day waiting for the escalation department to call me when they said they would and never did, wasted time talking to a person from that office eventually after making LOTS of e-mails, posts on their FACEBOOK account and I have finally decided to move on to another company more highly rated. Best move I have ever made.

I had this company tech work with me for about an hour taking out the Norton software, (which was a majority of the time} placing new AV and VPN into my computer and the best thing of all about this, the support was nearly immediate, knowledgeable, personable, and without hassle or excuses. It runs great, my computer works awesome without slow down, my VPN actually works very well and does not shut off my web access, and it is less in cost. 

I am not going to post the company on this blog, but I would strongly recommend looking into other AV software, carefully. I did, made the decision, found the right company, and am very happy with my decision. 

Good luck to all of you....if you stay with Norton, I feel strongly you will need it..