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Norton VPN does NOT work after Windows 11 Upgrade

Hi there,

Norton 360 - Windows 11 - VPN does not work

Since I upgraded to Windows 11 last December I have been unable use the Secure VPN feature.  Contributors to this forum have kindly offered their advice but unfortunately none of the advice given has provided a solution.

Disappointingly Norton have not offered ANY solution. I can only think that this is because Norton know that their VPN does not work with Windows 11 and that Norton cannot fix this issue. It is also very clear that many users have this same issue in being unable to use the Secure VPN feature.

I have come to the conclusion that I will need to remove Norton 360 and use a VPN from an alternative vendor.  I am reluctant to do this but since Norton are unwilling to help I have been left with no alternative.  I will also be advising my colleagues who are suffering with this same issue to change their vendor

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