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What's the most cost-effective way to cover two people?

I had Norton and LifeLock before they merged, and it was a difficult route to get everything converted, so I'm never sure that I have the best setup value-wise.

I now have Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage under my name and SSN, and my wife has LifeLock Standard under her name and SSN. Under My Subscriptions in my account, her account is listed as a Member account. All the Norton software for our computers, and all our financial and other trackable info, come through my account. My wife's account basically tracks only her SSN, driver's license, and phone. We both have access to both accounts so we can both keep an eye on everything.

My account costs $250/year, which seems okay for 10 software licenses and tracking a lot of info. Her account is $125/year, which seems high for tracking so little.

Is there another way to bundle these two accounts that would cost less in total?

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