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Secure VPN configuration on iOS VS iPadOS

When using the Momento M6 dash cam viewer app on the camera's wi-fi hotspot (which does not connect to the internet) the connection on the iPad (both 1st Gen iPadPro & 5th Gen iPadPro) the Momento Viewer app functions correctly. However, when attempting to complete the wi-fi connection on an iPhone12, the app display indicated that it is connected to the "M6-XXXXX" in the top of the screen, but below the "Live View" bar it indicates that the wi-fi connection is Off. On the iPads, the wi-fi connection is On. I was warned that a VPN could cause the camera's wi-fi hotspot to not work, but since it would function on my iPads but not on my iPhones, I discounted that as a resolution. I did remove Secure VPN from one of my iPhones then re-installed the TunnelBear VPN which does allow the camera's wi-fi hotspot to function and provide full features of the Momento Viewer app on the iPhone. Is there a functional difference in how Secure VPN & TunnelBear VPN work? Is there a configuration setting in Secure VPN which will allow access to the Momento M6 camera wi-fi hotspot?