VPN Within Norton 360 Keeps Disconnecting

Sharing this experience to see if may help other users.  

I used to use Nord VPN as well as Norton 360 for anti-virus.   Nearing the end of my Nord subscription I chose not to renew because I was aware I now had a VPN for free within 360 that did most things (but not all).  NordVPN worked quite well on my PC and only occasionally, perhaps once a week, gave a disconnection issue which a restart would fix.   

My study PC runs Windows 10 and connects over wi-fi to a router.  I use my study as an office and so frequently have my Windows 11 business laptop alongside.   I have Nord VPN and Norton 360 on both computers.   

Using Norton VPN quickly proved a nightmare. It would disconnect randomly several times in an hour on my PC! My laptop using NordVPN continued trouble free yet I could not accept it was the Norton 360 product at fault (more a hidden effect than cause). I tried all the usual attempted fixes but my patience was wearing thin with zero success.  My PC was simply unusable with the Norton VPN on.

Lots of research followed and then a thought worth trying surfaced.   It was a game changer and immediately fixed the problem.  Zero disconnects with Norton VPN since.  Do not ask why it works but for me it is 100%

What I did was a) log in to my router and set my PC's current IP Address to STATIC  b) then immediately set my PC internet connection settings also to static (checking that it retained the identical IP address).     

Once all settings were saved I restarted my PC and then switched the Norton VPN to on. There it has remained folks; so give it a go! Changing all relevant settings takes just two minutes.  However, first look up a You tube training video that people have posted to learn the basics unless you are already knowledgeable.  Good luck.



Re: VPN Within Norton 360 Keeps Disconnecting

Good information for everybody. Thank you.

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