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Parental Control - seriously limited features

Hello Everyone, 

I just searched the community and came up with conclusion that parental Control has serious functional limitations for iOS devices. 

Here are the list of the conclusions, and if I am wrong with any of these (or there is a way a I can set it up to make it functional) please let me know. 

1. The parent cannot set-up the time limits on child's iOS device -you can set only the curfew time

2. The parent cannot see how much time the child has spend on the device (even within curfew) 

3. The parent cannot control what app can be installed and has been used by child (even within curfew) 

Is above correct ?  If, yes, then, in my opinion, it has really limited functionality for iOS, and should be mentioned upfront to the customers just to avoid engaging with installations. I think these features are so critical for most of the parents, that Norton Team should be transparent with us. 





Re: Parental Control - seriously limited features

Hi, I also conclude that the Parental Control is useless for teens who are savvy and unscrupulous enough to hack through their parent's efforts at Parental Control.  I sure hope Norton or someone can come up with a solution to this problem. We have Apple computers and apple phones. 

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