Norton security reinstalls automatically

Brought a new Acer aspire a month back & Norton Security was pre-installed

Have REPEATEDLY tried to remove it, including using the downloaded Tool, but it keeps coming back to be re-installed.

I've deleted all the folders, manually gone through the registry deleting any Norton Key or Data field, still popped up again.

I Have found the hidden packages in WindowsApps & ProgramData, taken ownership & deleted these.

It keeps downloading an installer kernal in users\publicdownloads\Norton, so I've now taken ownership of this and set to Deny ALL to everone except me, for the last 30 minutes this seems to have worked , but surely this is an impossible task for a non-tech user.

Why does/did it keep coming back, it's almost as though there's some hidden code in the boot code somewhere that makes it reload


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Re: Norton security reinstalls automatically

Try the Norton Removal and reinstall tool again and be sure you use the Advanced Options > Remove Only. 

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