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Password Manager Vault Backup and Restore

PC - Windows 10 - Norton Password Manager Backup/Restore Process

Is there any way to create a local backup of the NPM vault data?  Not just the export of the data which comes out as an HTML that can be copied into a CSV file, but an actual backup that can be restored should the vault be deleted or compromised.  I would like a backup that can be updated and ready for a restore should that vault data file disappear like it did today when I changed subscription from Norton 360 Lifelock Advantage to Select.  Three calls to support and basically no help and now need to manually reenter about 500 titles, URL, username, password and notes.  Luckily I exported the data last week so at least I have a file with that data, but it is useless for restoring.  This seems to be a fatal flaw in current versions of NPM.   

Signed, extremely frustrated!