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Popups with offers cannot be stopped

Going into settings and turning off "special offers" doesn't work.

I constantly get popups that tell me that another family member may need protection.  Well, they are all protected.  Clicking on "Don't show this again" is a nonfunctional pacifier.

And then, within Norton 360, I have ads for adding different types of protection, some of which we already get with LifeLock.

We have "ultimate" and pay Norton-Lifelock over $500 per year for our subscriptions (mine and my wife's) that are already supposed to be comprehensive.  It appears there's a lot of greed going on.  So, what's comprehensive if there's always more you're telling me to buy?  For what I'm paying it SHOULD be comprehensive.  Why are you trying to sell things I (should) already have in my subscriptions????

I don't use your ad-tracker protection because I use DuckDuckGo, which is free.

I have been using Norton products since the very first Norton Utilities came out in the 1980s.  I have been using Lifelock Ultimate for about 15 years.

Just so I don't forget:  Your anti-spam function (I use Outlook) doesn't do a damned thing.

So, WTF?????  And why don't you have a hashtag category for obnoxious ads and offers?  Actually, you need several.