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360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet

I have an old (well not _that_ old) Huawei tablet that has had Norton 360 installed for some time.  I recently noticed that the icon for Norton 360 was different from other Android devices, so checked the version level:

Huawei M3 lite tablet has Norton 360 at
New Moto G31 'phone has Norton 360 at

The Norton 360 app gives no clue anything is amiss, but when I delve into settings > apps and onward to Play Store to look for an update I'm told that "This app is no longer compatible with your device.  Contact the developers for more info."

I bought Norton 360 for confidence, and it's been destroyed in an instant !

Worse still, I note that this device still counts as one of my ten installs.  OUCH !

Does anyone know what is going on, did Norton simply stop supporting Android 7 devices (sneakily and silently) or has the US government imposed yet more sanctions on Huawei ?

An even older (Samsung) tablet running Android 6.0.1, on which I never put 360 before, also reports "not compatible with this version".  No hint what version might be compatible.

Is 360 only suitable for those who keep all of their hardware bang up-to date ?    

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Re: 360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet


Re: 360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet

Thanks for pointing out that announcement.

Not sure if my disappointment should be with Norton (for discontinuing support) or Huawei and Samsung for not offering later Android updates.  Clearly I should bear this in mind at renewal time.

If I were to remove and reinstall the app, would it simply fail or would I get the latest version that worked on my version of Android ?

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Re: 360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet

If you remove the app you will not be able to install again. The only version that is available from Norton and the Google Play Store is the latest which cannot run on anything less than Android 8. So you will be without any Norton protection if you remove the current version you have.

I myself kept that old version on my Android 6 phone for about 6 months unable to receive any new updates and then finally decided to bear the cost of a new phone since it was about time for me anyway.


Re: 360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet

Well I think I learned a valuable lesson here.  The best reviewed Android antivirus still supports Android 5.0.  And is way cheaper than 360 albeit for only 5 devices.  With frequent offers it can even be worth buying two licences.  Even if renewal a bit more than 360, way cheaper than a new tablet or 'phone 

I'm about to gift my old Android 'phone to my granddaughter.  It's wiped clean, so old 360 install is lost.  I'd be happier if she was protected, but Norton are pushing me to a competitor's product.  I understand it's a business decision.  But my decisions also have to be based on cost-effectiveness.  Sorry Symantec, my renewal must be cancelled.


Re: 360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet

Just remember that eventually your other choice will eventually stop supporting older OS versions. And you won't know until they do it, just like Norton.  As you say it is business decisions.


Re: 360 no longer updating on a Huawei tablet

Of course you are right, peterweb.

But if I can make my devices serviceable for another year or two, swap them when I'm ready rather than when my antivirus supplier thinks they are obsolete, then I'll be well happy !

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