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Ridiculous - and counter-productive - Norton spam

I am intrigued and amused - and utterly unsurprised - to note that there has been ZERO response by Norton "customer service" [sic] to the slew of complaints (on this board, and elsewhere) by paying customers regarding the persistent, deliberate, and malicious pop-up spamming by Norton on its installed products.

This level of uninterest in the concerns of its customers is entirely characteristic of this ludicrously amateurish company. You have to ask: is marketing and customer service at Norton being operated by kindergartners? Is there not even a skerrick of understanding within Norton of how to operate a successful, mature, non-pestering modern customer service-oriented business? What are you? A bunch of annoying two-year old toddlers? Grow up. You're just embarrassing yourself with your mid-19th century sales tactics. Have you thought about careers in door-to-door sales...it is, quite evidently, your natural milieu?

It is astonishing to me that anyone, ANYONE, who knows anything about marketing and service can truly believe that the way to growing your business is by setting out to annoy, irritate, inconvenience and deceive your existing (already committed) customer base!

Like so many others, I will NOT be renewing my subscription to Norton - after roughly TWO DECADES of loyal support for your business. I can see from your multiple daily spams exactly how much you value my business. So, I think it only fair to spare you the evident inconvenience my loyalty poses. I'm sure we will both feel the better for our separation.

Thank you...........and no need to respond. I'm sure you have many other, much more important, calls on your time. The concerns of an actual paying customer are, as always, an annoyance and a distraction to your real purpose...whatever that is.


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Re: Ridiculous - and counter-productive - Norton spam

My sentiments entirely. Couldn't have said it better. I've been a subscriber for twenty years, well if this goes on it'll stop now.

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Re: Ridiculous - and counter-productive - Norton spam

I am in full agreement, but it appears to be much worse that any can imagine!

Just a week before renewal was due, I have uninstalled Norton but, this morning, there was a f***ing pop up suggesting that my version of Norton is incompatible with Windows 11 so needs to have the latest version installed.

Could they be any more insidious????

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