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malicious download detected download canceled

I want to download a .dll file except that inside there is a trojan.gen.mbt and I would like to download the folder then remove the trojan from this folder as I have the folder without virus except that when I try to download it Norton tells me:

Malicious download detected

download canceled

I would like norton to let me install this file in question, it is: https :/ /k rnl . place / download . html

i have Norton 360

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Re: malicious download detected download canceled

Hi @Alex_COBE,

Welcome to the Norton User Support Community between customers.

How is the "Delete infected folders" setting ?

Norton 360 Settings:
> Antivirus
>> Analyzes and risks
>>> Computer scan
>>>> Analysis of compressed files (I hope it is activated and leave it activated!)
>>>>> Delete Infected Folders: Is it Automatic or Asked?

If it's automatic, I invite you to ask for it, it's possible that it's a clue for the difficulty you're having.



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