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Alert Preferences - Automated Call drop down menu is not showing new phone number but the Text Message drop down menu is showing the new number

I recently obtained a new phone number, and updated my phone number in my Account Settings last week. I want all of my Alerts to go to this new phone number. From the "My Account" screen I clicked on "Communication Preferences" and it pulls up my "Contact Preferences" and I see the "Alert Preferences" options. Under "Alert Preferences" it gives both an "Automated Call" option and a "Text Message" option. When I click on the drop down menu for "Text Message" it pulls up BOTH the old number and new number, so I was able to successfully change the "Text Message" phone number to the new number with no problems. The issue is: the "Automated Call" drop down menu ONLY shows the old number, and not the new number like the "Text Message" drop down menu does. I want the Norton Automated Calls to go to my new number (exactly the same way that the texts are coming to me) but my new number isn't listed on the drop down menu. How can I get the "Automated Call" drop down menu to show my new number, so calls aren't going to my old number? Thank you.