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Second child is not monitored

I have registered to the Free Trial, I have downloaded the Norton Family 360 Deluxe for 14 days. I like the interface and the whole idea!

In face I have 3 devices and 2 children. All of them have been successfully added to the application.

Both children are using all three devices, under my account in each of them. In other words, the kids do not have their own account in any of our devices and they login using my pc/tablet user account.

My problem is that Norton Family does not monitor the second children in practice.

All use time of both kids is charged to Child1. Child2 has zero usage.

How can I solve it? 

Is there any way to solve it without creating separate user accounts for each child per device?



Re: Second child is not monitored


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum. 

Each child activities are monitored based on the windows account that they login, so you have to setup individual windows accounts for each child to view the child activities separately.

Norton Family Team

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