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ipad timer on screen and added time

I'm looking at getting your program/app but have a few questions.

What I mainly want to do is be able to have a timer on my kids ipads.  Be able to limit usage by time, and add more time if/when required.

Can I do this?  If so, from my phone, or only their ipads?

Does it also show a timer on their screen?

With 2 kids, and 2 ipads, would I need to by this program more then once, or does 1 purchase cover a few devices?

Other features great, but this is my main issue at the moment.  Would this also be from the free version, or paid?

Also, what is the minimum ipad OS it needs to run.



Re: ipad timer on screen and added time

Hi @aussie_m

Thanks for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

In iPhone / iPad, Norton Family does not limit usage by time. However, it blocks your child from using the device during the curfew that you set up. For example, if you set up the curfew from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., Norton Family locks the device at the start of the curfew and unlocks it automatically at the end.

Norton Family notifies the child 15 minutes before the restricted time reaches and child can send a request to the parent for time extension and it can be approved or denied from the Norton Family app in the parent’s device.

Timer will not be shown on the child’s iPad.

One purchase is enough in your case and you can try Norton Family free for 30 days. Once the trial period ends, you must subscribe to continue using it.

Norton Family supports devices with iOS / iPadOS 12 or higher. Norton Family Parental Control app needs to be installed on the parent’s device and Norton Family Companion app needs to be installed on the child’s device.

Norton Family Team

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