Cloud Backup - unable to Fix

Before switching to a new computer I backed up a load of files to my Cloud Backup, almost filling it (76.8GB of 79GB).

Now on my new computer I get the message that Cloud Backup needs attention. The only option is to 'Fix Now'.

When I click that the option is to 'Manage Backup Sets'. This allows me access to a DefaultSet completed on the new computer, which I can't delete because it "is your only backup set".

When I go online to view my Cloud Backup and click 'View Backup Sets' I can see 6 backup saves, including the one just made before switching.

The only option I have with these Backups is to delete them. Is there any way of accessing them to select files to restore before deleting, or is there a total size for all the backup files I have to get below before I can do this (I could possibly delete 2 older backup files to free up 5BG)?




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Re: Cloud Backup - unable to Fix

If you have the storage space available on the new computer, run a backup restore and restore to a new location that you set up temporarily for this purpose. Then you can look through the folders and files and delete ones you no longer need.

Then you can delete the backup sets from the online storage to free up the room you need for the new computer's backup set.


Re: Cloud Backup - unable to Fix

There appears to be no option to download or restore the old default sets from backup files, and I definitely want to check for some files that I backed up on the old computer.

The only way to go seems to be the ability to delete the old backups but that sort of defeats the whole purpose of having backups, so I suspect I am doing something wrong!

The instruction is to 'Select a Backup to View and Download' but nothing happens when I select it.


Re: Cloud Backup - unable to Fix

So after deleting an older backup file and waiting a bit I was able to access the recent backup file from 'My Norton'.

Now I need to put in place a more robust backup protocol.

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