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over riding school time for a set period

Norton Family fails again with the following basic scenarios:

Context: 2 kids managed by Norton Family.  Much time spent setting up rules and school time categories to avoid misuse of mobile phone during school time.

Scenario1: school sends kids home for 1 day due to site issues.  Classes will be held remotely.  teachers send links to youtube videos and other URLs. 

Scenario2: school holidays.   kids want to access sites restricted during school hours as they're not at school.

Problem: Norton Family offers no easy way to over ride school time restrictions without disabling them and expecting parent to re-enable when kid returns to school.   You can only switch off school time or remove supervision (the latter was recommended to me by Norton support and is dangerous!).

Solution:  Norton provide a way to bypass school time restrictions for a single day (or time period).   Ideally this should be available in the app and prominent feature on the Norton Family dashboard.

Anyone else have these issues and found an effective way around it?   I've spent 2 hours with Norton Support today trying to resolve this but no solution.

It's like the product management of Norton Family don't actually have any kids!!



Re: over riding school time for a set period


Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family Forum

You can use the School Time Schedule Feature, which will allow you to configure School time during School days and on weekends you can remove those schedules. Please find attached PDF, which has 4 hours of school time on weekdays and on Sunday all hours are allowed(no school time).

If you are looking for school time schedules for random days, then you may have to adjust those settings as necessary.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance on this.

Best Regards

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