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Can norton sign me off?

I was watching a video on youtube. Suddenly i notice my windows taskbar disappearing & reloading. Task manager reveals only my webbrowser & norton were using the most memory.

In Norton history. it shows "no user signed in" , 30secs later "user signed in" & "connected to public network".

Usually this happens when i really sign off my PC. or restart my PC.

But during that time i was watching a video, i didn't notice there was some internet problem  and i didn't sign off.

3 minutes before this event Norton did a quick scan on the background. Now i wonder if its possible Norton can sign me off. when scanning/updating or something on the background? Otherwise its a windows related issue.



Re: Can norton sign me off?

It sounds like Norton ran LiveUpdate in the background and there was some Norton feature needed updating. What you describe with the task  bar reloading can often be seen when manually running LiveUpdate. If this is what happened, it sounds normal. You can check the Norton history to see if LiveUpdate ran at the same time you saw the other messages you mentioned, which also sound normal for this scenario.

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