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Weird occurrences with Scans and "Fix Now"

I have two issues:

1) My Full Scan does not appear to be scanning all of my files. I am aware Norton marks files safe and skips them on later scans but that is not my issue. My issue is I ge a small number of files scanned, followed by a larger number, followed by yet a third different number of scanned files all while using full scan method.  Also, I would prefer to have all files scan instead of some being marked safe. I do not see where in the app I can make this happen.

2) I have had to constantly uninstall and then reinstall Norton because I keep getting a "Fix Now" message on my performance tab that tries to force me to click it. It is saying I am not clearing internet explorer files. However, when i do the optimize and file cleanup tasks, the "Fix Now" message still does not go away. Instead of fighting with it and definitely instead of clicking any button that I am being forced to click, I uninstall Norton, remove my license from the device, and then reinstall the Norton 360. this temporarily solves the issue but the issue comes back again within a day or two.  This also seems to make the full scan actually scan every file for the first 2-3 times but then that issue reverts as well.

How can I fix the above issues?