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Norton 360 Premium 2.50.0221220.10

Whenever I use GOOGLE your service goes extreme and drains my iPhone battery using iOS 16.2. There was never a problem with iOS 15.0, that version I had an iPhone lasting 2 days. As I am typing you have drained 3%; yes I know it is an algorithm, however, it is factual as I need to charge every night when I use either Google or take/make a 5G call.



Re: Norton 360 Premium 2.50.0221220.10

How often did you have to charge the phone before updating to iOS 16.2?

Is this a new phone as you mention only updating from iOS 15 after only 2 days?

From your comments about knowing it is an algorithm, I take it you have seen this Norton Support article that explains the High Battery use by 360 iOS.

When updating the iOS version, it can take a little time for the new OS to settle down, and this can cause temporary extra battery drain. See this article from MacWorld.

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