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Norton 360 - Installatzion AntiTrack

I tried to install Norton 360 AntiTrack. The download stopped "incorrectly".
offered help via appwiz. cpl does not work because AntiTrack is not listed in the task manager.
The recommended attempt to download AntiTrack again also fails.
If I now try to run SmartScan or another function in the Norton 360 window, Norton does not respond (all functions are not executable).
The displayed status is "Device is protected". But as I said, it is not possible to determine whether Norton 360 is active at all (according to Task Manager no activity) nor what I can do to put Norton 360 in activity.
The Norton Support is not available by phone or chat



Re: Norton 360 - Installatzion AntiTrack

 download it from you My Norton it may work

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