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Konfiguration of Norton AntiTrack

In November 2021 I installed and activated Norton AntiTrack with success.

The program looks like to work OK, because I can see the number of blocked cookies the present day, the present month and total from the date of installation. Furthermore, the green spot with the black ‘V’ indicates the AntiTrack has been activated.

In My Norton/Dashboard/Home i can see among other Norton programs the AntiTrack is present.

However the AntiTrack gives a red falsing indication spot showing ‘configuration required’.

By clicking on the yellow area (more information) following text appears ‘install Antitrack-extension in the  webbrowser’. I don’t know why this page pops up, because in Norton AntiTrack it clearly mentioned ‘1 browser protected by AntiTrack’. The browser is Edge.

So why does it flash for a konfiguration.



Re: Konfiguration of Norton AntiTrack

i think it is becurs you dont has the Norton AntiTrack app in Microsoft edge and you need to see it the browsers right site got AntiTrack on Microsoft edge to and it need to be enablet ass a app

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