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Reducing keystrokes to specific passwords

My most frequent use case for the Password Vault involves a 1-3 time daily password query for customer VPNs. The following steps:

The current procedure is:

  1. Wanting to sign into a VPN.
  2. Sign in to Norton Password Manager.
  3. Search for a specific VPN user/password.
  4. Copy the password.
  5. Paste the password into the VPN.
  6. Disconnect from Norton Password Manager by closing the browser. The browser usually stops working because of the VPN anyway.

What I would like is to be able to have a quick link under the password manager icon in my browser that will allow me to select a desired password (configurable somehow) to copy, assuming I am already logged into Norton but not the vault, which would then:

  1. Prompt for vault sign in.
  2. Automatically copy the password to the clipboard.
  3. Disconnect from the vault.