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Norton Family bug causing total disabled functions

I am using Norton Family (NF) to monitor my child account of my desktop PC.  My system is Windows 10 Home edition (updated).  My child account is a local account and not Miscrosoft Account.

I would like to report a serious bug that “automatically” disables NF monitoring temporarily(my child said that NF was disabled for 15mins)

  1. Open one or more desktop applications.
  2. Go to Windows left lower part to click “Power” > “Shut Down”. PC will run shutdown procedure and after a while Windows warning props up asking whether “continue to shutdown” or “cancel”
  3. Click “cancel”.  PC will stop shutting down and return to Desktop.
  4. Go to Windows right lower part to view NF icon.  At that time, NF icon will instantly “removed”
  5. Now, NF functions (including school time and instant lock)are successfully disabled.

Norton Team please fix this issue.  



Re: Norton Family bug causing total disabled functions

Hi Acroxia,

When the shutdown is initiated, Windows Operating systems (OS) begins to terminate the processes that includes Norton Family application. However when the shutdown is aborted Windows OS would not automatically restart applications that got terminated. However Norton Family service restarts to enable monitoring of the child within 15 minutes. We are exploring ways on how to address this and fix this issue in our future releases.

Norton Family Team. 

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