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Error message on android device. Network Comromised SSl Decrypting Detected

Receiveing the message periodically 2-4 X per day above only on my android devices for the past two weeks now.  After awhile the message disappears. No issue with computer or any Windows devices. My network is secure. Norton 360 has been updated. I even rebooted my android device(s) and searched under Google Play Store (after reboot of android devices) to check to see if all Norton Updates have been applied.

I see that there was a similar issue awhile back dating back to September of last year under the following. Message: "Wi-Fi network is Compromised: Data you send and receive is exposed to third party on this network…"  The message that is causing this is due to SSL Decrpting being Detected.  Followed all steps in this post. Again window devices do not dectect any problems. When I reun scans on window devices it states that my network is secure and  errors are not detected on any window devices. Problem seem to be only with android devices

Thank you.


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Re: Error message on android device. Network Comromised SSl Decrypting Detected

Hello. There appears to be more users reporting this issue as it is being seen modestly on Android devices. In one of the other threads the issue has been escalated and a Norton Admin has it for action.

I would say this is a bug in the app itself which Norton needs to iron out and fix. Please stay with your post someone will post corrective action when that becomes available. In the mean time I don't think you are compromised. You can check your trusted certificates on your Android devices to make sure nothing is going on there.


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