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Norton Firewall does not work if FileVault is turned ON in M2 Mac RUNNING 13.3.1 macOS

Norton firewall does not work if filevault is turned ON in M2 MacBook Air running macOS Ventura 13.3.1. 

To produce this issue please follow the below given steps:

1. Turn On Filevault on your Mac (System Settings --> Privacy and Security)

2. Download and install Norton 360 Deluxe on your Mac. 

3. Restart your Mac to complete installation of Norton Deluxe. Till now Norton firewall will work. 

4. Now restart your Mac. Now Norton firewall does not work. No application rules works. No connection rules works. Nothing works in Norton firewall if filevault is turned ON. 

Note: Step #4 will work if filevault is not enabled in Mac described in the above given step #1. 

Please provide me a solution.