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Norton 360 Security History states 53 Registry Issues Found

I checked my Norton 360 Security History. States 53 Registry Issues Found but no statement fixed, deleted nor reported to Norton or how to fix them myself. Is this a ploy to get me to buy the Norton Utilities Ultimate for $40? (They took away my free Utilities Premium that was good until 2050.) I used to be able to look at my Registry but I can't seem to figure out how to do that now (Yes, I went to DOS commands but I am a Boomer and forget thing if I don't write them down)



Re: Norton 360 Security History states 53 Registry Issues Found

There is no feature in 360 to deal with any found registry issues. There is only a scanning feature. Then the messages you will see are, as you suggested, trying to upsell you on Norton Utilities Ultimate.  

Just keep in mind that most registry errors found are not going to affect the operation of your system. Current versions of Windows do a fine job of managing the registry maintenance.

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