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vpn on standard user account on MacBook

On Norton 360 when I attempt to use vpn when logged into a standard user account (non -administrator) on a protected Macbook device I receive the "No Seats Available" and am required to transfer the licence from the device on which I am working (this device).  Other functions of Norton 360 such as virus protection, web protection, and, importantly, Password Manager, continue work on this standard user account.  

VPN used to work on this standard user account.  VPN works on the administrator account.  It now will not work on this standard user account on this device.

A problem which may be related: when logged into my norton, the site claims there is an issue with this device which should be fixed.  When "fix the issue" is selected, nothing happens.  Yet, on the device itself (this device) no issues exist according to Norton 360.