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Different Anti-Spam Outlook Folders

I have MS Outlook installed on two different Windows 10 computers. One is Outlook 2013 and the other is Outlook 365. My email provider is IMAP. The Anti-spam on the 2013 Outlook moves spam to the "Junk" folder, which is a subscribed and default IMAP folder. On the Outlook 365 machine, Anti-Spam moves spam to a "Junk Email" folder. "Junk Email" is not an IMAP default or subscribed folder and can be deleted in Outlook 2013 and on the IMAP webmail. Outlook 365, however, recreates the folder every time. "Junk" and "Junk Email" folders appear on both machines. Is there anyway to direct Anti-Spam on both computers to send spam to the "Junk" folder so I can eliminate or ignore the "Junk Email" folder?

Norton 360 v.

Windows 10

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