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Does Norton 'suspend' "secure system" and/or other windows processes?

I have windows 11 with Norton installed as well as MalwareBytes Premium.
I only have 5GB of free memory.  (3 GB is used by the graphics 'chip')
So, at times I can end up with CPU usage at 100%,  Disk at 100%, Memory at 87%. 

Ok, so, the other day I noticed in Resource Monitor, under the CPU Section, the following programs are listed as "Suspended":
   - SecureSystem
   - SearchHost.exe
   - ShellExperienceHost.exe
   - SystemSettings.exe
And sometime these items and some others as well. (Note: Sometimes an item appears as suspended and then it disappears.)
   - backgroundtaskhost.exe
   - nortonsecurity.exe
   - lockapp.exe
Does Norton do this when it takes over the Virus and Malware checking from Windows Defender / Anti-virus?

And Sometimes the following items show as terminated:
   - svchost.exe for graphics  (I don't remember the exact name)
   - svchost.exe for network   (can't remember exact name)
   - searchfilterhost.exe
   - msedge.exe
   - MoUsoCoreWorker.exe

I have done Norton and MalwareBytes scans and no issues were found.

  Is this normal?