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Disabling Idle Tasks(and odd online game interaction)

Is there a way to completely disable idle/background tasks? I have reason to believe that somehow Norton is interfering with a particular Online Game's capability to maintain a stable internet connection(Elder Scrolls Online) so I want to disable Norton's capability to perform actions without my consent.

All I want Norton to do is intercept viruses and scan for them when I tell it to, and literally nothing else and to make no changes to my system what-so-ever. Is it possible to set up Norton in this way? I have everything disabled in the settings but it seems Norton is still performing background/idle actions even though I have everything in the settings disabled.

Reformatting my computer resulted in the previously metioned game being able to maintain a stable internet connection, after years of periodical, predictable disconection from the game.(after X amount of time in-game, after x number of dialogues, after x number of chest/loot interactions, etc...) but as soon as I installed Norton I was back to an unstable connection with this game. It is of course possible this may be something entirely unrelated to Norton, but the game being unstable online with anti-virus protections installed, and then being stable without them on a fresh system seems to point to it being something related to anti-virus software somehow making changes to the system/internet settings that disagrees with certain online games.