Is Norton Secure VPN a poorly designed product?

I have Norton Secure VPN installed on my ASUS Zenbook operating with Windows 11 Pro.

When I turn on the laptop, my Wi-Fi connects automatically to the router. I can barely see the Norton VPN icon. To me, that seems like it should be working.

But if you open the app, it says it is disconnected and needs to be reconnected. This is unacceptable. It should minimally wait until the Wi-Fi connection is established, then open a VPN tunnel automatically. It does not do this.

While one assumes the VPN is protecting their browsing, it is in fact just sitting there doing nothing, leaving you at risk.

You can set all the settings to your hearts content but it always starts like this.

I find the workaround is to open nothing before opening the VPN app each time and waiting for a secure connection. While it does work, this process may put your computer at risk.

The Norton VPN does not automatically connect when the Wi-Fi connection process starts, it apparently waits for a Wi-Fi connection. But it doesn't start immediately after the connection is established. It waits with a reconnection error you can only see if you open the app. This means when you use your laptop on a public network or a private one you do not control, there is a brief period of time when you are vulnerable before the VPN is established.

Why does this app act this way? Is it normal for VPN products?



Re: Is Norton Secure VPN a poorly designed product?

Do you also have Norton 360 installed on your PC? If so, you should uninstall the standalone Norton VPN app and use the VPN feature in 360. Having both might be causing a conflict as each tries to make the connection.

As you note, the VPN cannot connect until there is a network connection to connect to. With the Auto Connect setting turned on, it should connect if there is a network connection. How long are you seeing before it connects?


I just tested both the standalone Norton Secure VPN and the VPN feature in Norton 360 and can confirm that neither will start a VPN connection when the computer is started. 

I'll escalate this thread to get attention to this issue.


Re: Is Norton Secure VPN a poorly designed product?

I do have Norton Security (Norton LifeLock) installed but it doesn't have a VPN option so I added Norton VPN as a suggestion by Norton.

I turned on all four VPN setting switches in different combinations and it fails every time the computer is restarted. The settings for launch at startup and auto-connect SHOULD do the job but it does not. Does the product work correctly for you? Maybe it's having issues with Windows 11 Pro and my ASUS Zenbook.

[EDIT] Just saw your response. Thanks for the escalation.

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