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Overcharged for multiple accounts that I did not subscribe to

NORTON: VERY UNETHICAL!!!  Norton will not refund the 3 subscriptions they fraudulently charged to me for 8 years! Norton can't even protect us against Norton itself -- Norton overcharging users, automatic resubscriptions activated without user permission, creating new concurrent subscriptions without user permission, horrible (and in many cases angry and arrogant) customer service, on and on and on. They are so inefficient that while we were on the phone with customer service, I was sent an email notice that my new Norton subscription had automatic renewal activated, which is hilarious, since I did not HAVE a new subscription (just the same old multiple subscriptions Norton had already created for me) and a previous customer service rep had stated that he had turned off the automatic subscriptions on all the subscriptions that had somehow been created in my name. When I brought that up with the customer service rep on the phone, she angrily told me the email was not from Norton. I pointed out that either she was lying about it being from Norton, or Norton was so ineffective that the mere act of contacting Norton customer service had apparently informed hackers of all my personal information and renewed my automatic subscription. Long story short: avoid Norton like the plague. Search for the best antivirus programs and avoid Norton.  This is a class action case as this issue is all over this site and google. Thanks.