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Norton warns of blocked process even though it is excluded.

I use bird listing software that is not widely installed that Norton isn't familiar with.

Every time I upgrade the download is quarantined and I have to restore it.  That is inconvenient but not a big deal.

However, as soon as I run the installer I receive a "Norton has blocked a suspicious action by xxxxx.exe". 

Image in ModerationSo, I go in and set up the process to be excluded. 

Image in Moderation

That should be the end of it, but I keep getting interrupted with the same warnings, over and over again, that "Norton has blocked a suspicious action..." even though the process is now excluded.  

So... is it blocking the process or not? The fact the messages continue to come up even as I dismiss them tells me that Norton is doing something, and I hope it isn't blocking them as the message says it is (??).