Norton you have 1 year to fix your pricing

I have been a customer of Norton for approx. 20 years, I started with Norton Anti Virus/Internet Security and as your offerings have improved I have updated...as I have liked the additional security this has offered. But my patience has been extensively tried. You cannot measure my disgust with yourselves when just 5 days after extending my subscriptions (Norton 360 Premium, Norton Utilities Ultimate and recently adding Norton AntiTrack which was only added +/- 3 months ago), your software is now telling me I need to add yet another package- Norton Driver Updater!!! £49.99 a year. You are just becoming a RIP OFF company. If I hadn't extended 5 days ago I would be cancelling the whole lot and moving to a competitor.
I have a plan with Microsoft and they keep adding more services (lots of them) every year and throughout the year, they do not keep asking me to pay more money for the additional features its just included in the fee. Norton needs to wake up to the real world and start providing the service customers need for a fixed price. A basic Anti Virus and a more complete package, with all the updates & utilities included. Norton, you are under notice...I am watching and will hit that cancel button, unless I see a constant reduction in your pricing to about two thirds off the prices. I will be a permanently lost customer possibly to BitDefender who offer a more complete service with a 3 year plan for LESS than I am paying Norton for a 1 year deal. 

A happy customer who has now become very disgruntled with your offerings, packaging and pricing structures.


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Re: Norton you have 1 year to fix your pricing

Driver Updater appears to be the kiss of death to some computers - definitely leave that alone. Quite a lot of threads on this Forum seem to be about the same issue as you mention - WE DON'T want all this dross - just sort out the unsolved issues with-in Norton 360 itself. Another large proportion of threads seem to be about multi charging subscriptions, over charging etc. All these things are a quick way to alienate customers. Lot of users reckon it is time to part company - Norton please note.

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