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Slow VPN on Norton 360 Premium for Windows

Hello there,

I have Norton 360 Premium subscription for a while already but I havent used VPN so far. It was slow from the beginning so didn't care much about using it and recently wondered why not to use it since I already paid for it.

Sooo my normal internet speed is around 600mb/s with upload 60mb/s (cable connection) and while I use the VPN it drops to 6mb/s and upload less than 1mb/s (the ss was taken now and currently it shows 3mb/s). Ping without VPN is up to 10 and while having VPN on its over 200 very often. For some european servers its around 100.

I tried to go thourgh some servers and some are ultra slow and drop to e.g. 3mb/s. The max was Norwey, 200mb/s but ping around 80ms.

Here on the picture I used the automatic server and it picked Poland since I live in Warsaw.
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Also, this is not a PC problem because I changed my computer 2 months ago and still have the issue. Tried with my girlfriends laptop and it also has ultra slow vpn speed.

I see the thread for Switzerland issue Extremely slow VPN | Norton Community and it had to do something with their servers so maybe this is the same case?

In fact, I am not sure whether droping the speed to 1/3 (e.g. Norway) or much more is normal or should be still around the max bandwidth available or not.