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N360 reacts to MAC volume xArt as spyware

A few months ago Bitdefender detected a trojan, named Trojan GenericKDZ.script 14071 on my M1 MacBook Pro (Sonoma). Bitdefender was unable to remove or quarantine the files ”due to system policy”, so I removed them manually instead and then did a clean installation of MAC OS after that as well. After that I wanted to run through the computer with another vendor’s AV as well to make sure the infection was really gone. So I used my Norton 360 Deluxe licence and did a full scan of my MacBook. Norton’s full scan claims the computer to be clean, and so does Bitdefender. However, when scanning a particular volume on my Macbook: Macintosh HD/System/Volumes/xArt Norton 360 freaks out completely and states that my computer is at risk and infected by spyware. It then encourages me to let Norton fix it and runs a correction and then gives the green light and says everything is ok. Yet, when I am trying to find out WHAT kind of threat Norton 360 detected, there is nothing detected in the threat history. Scanning the same volume with Bitdefender gives a clean resultat, i.e. Bitdefender marks System/Volumes/xArt as harmless. I suspect Norton 360 might be marking the volume as a false positive. It seems impossible to get in touch with technical support by email and since this is a system file I am not able to send the file to Norton either for further troubleshooting. I of course hope that this is a false positive, but given the history with the trojan, not knowing is stressing me out. @Norton: can someone please comment on this? Is this a common problem for the xArt-volume on Macs?