transferring files from PC to Mac

I have just got a Macbook Pro - hallelujah!! I had a PC before this.

However, I have a serious issue. I copied all my files from the PC to CD's using the Norton 360 backup that was on the PC. The Mac will not read these CD's. I no longer have access to the PC and all my material is on these CD's!! What do I need to do?




Re: transferring files from PC to Mac

Unfortunately Mac and Windows CDs are not compatible—as you found out. Macs and Windows use different filesystems, so burning a CD on a Windows machine will not work on a Mac. I'm sad to say there's no real good solution here, except to get access to a PC and transfer the files from the CDs to a USB flash drive or something similar.

Good luck, and sorry there's nothing better we can offer.


Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

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