Problem accessing 'Add more sources, Add Files, Add Folders'

Bought the new Norton Internet Security 2012 and after downloading I activated the Backup service.  Upon first using this service and exploring it, I was able to access 'Add more sources, Add Files, Add Folders'.  I don't accummulate a great deal of files, folders etc. so decided to set a manual backup to enable me to choose when to do so, and the backup was completed successfully.  However, on reading more about it, I understood that it only backed up my chosen files etc. but not those of my husband who is the other user and that I would have to add his, which I done so by accessing  'Add Folders', ready for the next manual backup.  In the meantime, I have noticed that I am now unable to acces any of the three 'Add' options mentioned above.  This is rather irritating because if I want to add anything in the future I am unable to do so.

Also, another point I would like clarified:  'Internet Favorites' which I ticked as a chosen backup; am I right in assuming this to include 'Bookmarks' in Mozilla Firefox which we use as our main browser?

Is there any way I can view a list of the files, folders etc., that have been backed up?