my back up wont download to secure online, wont accept reactivation

I am using 360 v6. I am running a back up, total 5.5 GB. Request come up to fix 2  problems. It says I need to reactivate my on line storage, which I have done. In the upper right it says I have

10.30 GB used of 25 GB
Last night Nortons tried to solve the problem by deleting my current version and reinstalling Nortons. So I run the back up and it starts all over again asking me to reactivate my online storage.  thena window upens to research the problem and Norton doesnt find an error and directs me to support.Also when looking at my back up account, I tried to purge old files, but the only option I am given is to download a file. I was attempting to make more space thinking that was the problem.Thanks.