Problems with backup

I'm getting quite frustrated.  First I had my backup set up to go to F: which is my external hard drive.  For some reason,

a pathway was created to E:C: and went back into my current computer that I'm trying to back up.  How do I find the files

from those backups so that I can use them after doing a recovery on the computer, if I can.  I do have a full 2 GB on

the online backup, should I use those instead?

    And then I upgraded from Norton 360 5 to 6.  I'm delighted with the new graphics and how it runs, but when I went to

run the next backup, it went on and on and when I went to use the external hard drive, it's now reading that it's corrupted.

I had it set to copy pictures, documents and small downloads.  There is no way it should be full up.  How do I fix this?

   And on top of it, again I couldn't sign on to post a message, kept telling me that my e-mail address was unverified.

This is the third time that this has happened.  I sent a new message for verification which finally got to me, so it's

fixed for now.   Aargh!  Theresa      



Re: Problems with backup

I'm working with Vista Home Premium and the external hard drive has a NTFS system.  Theresa


Re: Problems with backup

Hi Theresa,

It sounds like technology is out to get you! Hopefully we can get things fixed for you. I'll try to address things in order...

First of all, have you checked your external hard drive to see if any files were actually backed up to it and to see if it still has enough space remaining?

When you say "a pathway was created to E:C:" what are you referring to?

The 2GB of online backup is useful if you are changing computers, traveling, or need to access your files remotely for whatever reason. If you are simply backing up a single computer, your external hard drive will probably be much faster and probably has more than 2GB of space.

When you upgraded from v5 to v6 of Norton 360, did you confirm that your product was still activated and you can see the subscription time remaining on the Norton interface?


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