Won't Stop Purging

Please help!

I received message that I needed to delete files or buy more space. I elected to delete files. Now, it will not stop purging. This has been going on since June 8th (it's the 18th now) and won't stop. Needless to say, I can't do my daily backups with this going on.

Please tell me how to make it stop so I can get back to restoring my files.




Re: Won't Stop Purging

I have the same problem.  I wanted to purge all files because there were backup files from a previous computer.  I was going to clear back up storage and do a fresh back up of a new computer.  Now the purge had been going for nearly 24 hrs and will not stop.  


Re: Won't Stop Purging

Back up is still purging 2 days later, as a result I cannot back up my desktop or laptop computers.

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Re: Won't Stop Purging


The purge process, like the restore process, can take time.

The first time you perform a backup a full copy of the files you've selected for backup are transmitted to our data centers. Subsequent backups send only he incremental changes uploaded along with any new files you've added since the last completed backup. Each one of the completed backups is then retained for later access and to help provide a full restore of any available date you opt to restore. Also as part of that backup process the data you're backing up is encrypted and compressed for secure transmission and storage.

When it comes time to purge your data your request is submitted to the servers for processing. That request has to comb through all past iterations of the file, remove the references and essentially delete the file. If you've been backing up for some time it has a lot to work through.

If you intend to purge all data tied to a particular set and have no custom settings (such as file selection beyond the categories) you can go to Remove Computer instead. That'll purge all data on that Computer immediately, uninstall the software from your machine and decrement your account for the removed data.

Take note though if you opt to go this route you'll then have to go to Add Computer once done. Once the Computer is added back in you'll have to re-select your files and run that first backup again. You will also not be able to access that purged data any longer.

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