Norton online back up error code


I have assisted a customer which has a problem with NOBU. He tried running back up but it keeps jumping on and off from 0% to 1%. We've uninstalled and re-installed NOBU in the computer, we activated the product, then we added the computer, changed the back up sets, and still the issue persists. But when I tried accessing NOBU the moment when I established remote access on the computer, there was a Microsoft error causing the program to stop working. That was the time that we dwelled in uninstalling the product.

Is there any available fix for that?


Alyssa Marie

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Re: Norton online back up error code

Hello Amlg,

What is the windows error the customer received?  How long did you leave the backup running?  Is the software currently installed on the machine and have you checked the sleep settings for the computer to verify that it isn't going to sleep when trying to backup?  If the customer is running into installation errors with windows please have them contact Norton Customer Support for further assistance.

Thank you,NicoleIT Support Specialist, Symantec Corporation

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