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I recently bought and downloaded Norton 360 with online back up and purchased extra back up space.  That was on 05/07/2013 to the tune of over $300 and have yet to make the back up work.  It just runs and runs and stays at 0% copied, says continually that is it transferring, and does absolutely nothing.  Nothing!  I have let it run as long as 36 hours, and the most it copied was 3%.Really?  Why does it not work?  I only have 92G to back up, and have much more space than that which I bought.  This completely sucks, and I am unable to find any support email or phone contact to call or write to ask for help.    I have Windows 8 (and hate it) and I don't know what IE I have, but I bought this computer only a couple months ago, so it must be relatively new version of IE.



Re: on line back up

Hello Kathymccown,

I understand the frustration you’re experiencing trying to complete your first backup. Here are a few steps that will help you get started:

1.Considering the volume of data you’re trying to backup, it’s suggested to not try to backup everything all at once. Select data in sections, let the backup complete and then add additional items. The more you select all at once the longer it will take since it has to upload a full copy the first time around. This way you can ensure sections of data are completing and not tying up your system for days.

2.It takes, roughly, 2-4 hours per gigabyte of data selected. Keep in mind a majority of internet connections have blazing fast downloads but the upload connection averages less than 1/4th of that download speed.

3.Always double check your power settings. You don’t want the computer going to sleep or hibernation. If it does it will cause the backup to freeze or fail.

Michael: Technical Account Manager NAM

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