backup used up - but not

i dont understand why i cannot delete backups from computers that are now defunct......all my storage has been used but mostly by old computers that have dies.....does anyone know how i delete the backup online so i canc start afresh...i am paying for a service i cannot use. I have tried talking to support online twice and they have been useless (they keep putting me through to the wrong department) and that takes 20 mins each time....I don't have time to sit and wait for them all day

can anyone help please?



Re: backup used up - but not

Hello Julianhead,

We have reset the quota for your account to correctly calculate the space used.  However we do see 10 profiles on your account. One profile is through Norton Online Backup (NOBU) and 9 are through Norton 360 (N360).  The only way to remove any profiles that were backed up through the N360 software is from within the N360 program.  To do this open the N360 software, click on Backup, and choose Manage Backup Sets.  In the window that opens up on the right hand side you will find the option to "Delete backup set".  The other option is to open Windows Explorer on your PC, and browse to the Norton Backup Drive.  In this folder you will be able to view all backup profiles and if viewed by Details you can identify when the last backup was as well as file count and size.  You will be able to delete profiles from this window.  If this has resolved your issue please mark this thread as solved.

Thank you,NicoleIT Support Specialist, Symantec Corporation

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