log on fail

online backup fail on one computer

view details states I must log on to account but I am logged on and I can't find any way to log off so I can log on



Re: log on fail

Hello Dale331,

The page you have opened may have timed out and need you to log back in.  In the upper right hand corner where you find "Home, Help, and Email address". (Where email address is your email address.)  Next to your email address you will find a drop down arrow with 4 options and one of them is Logout.  Additionally your browser may have cached the page causing your issue.  Please empty the browser cache and close all browser windows.  Then open a new fresh browser window.  This should resolve your issue. 

Alternately if your PC is showing as offline and not backing up usually a reboot of your PC will resolve the issue.  However in some cases you will need to reinstall the software over the top of its self to refresh the connection.  Please do not uninstall the software or remove the profile from the account, this will remove any data you previously backed up making you have to start over.  To reinstall over your current installation just click on Add a computer, then download and run the software.

If you are still running into problems please contact Norton Customer Support for assistance.  Please mark this thread as solved if this has resolved your issue.

Thank you,NicoleIT Support Specialist, Symantec Corporation

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